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Artist Statement

I exist in this world because my mission is to empower others by showing them hope, love and trust through my words, presence, and movement. I am a firm believer we all are live practitioners that seek for pushing beyond our familiar limits and discover what makes us unique. I am a versatile emerging artist who creates experiences for all humans to explore and deepen their connection within mind and body through dance. Being born and raised in Guatemala and then moving to another country to pursue my education opened my path to merge my culture, my personal life, and my passion to teach, choreograph and explore dance.  

After experiencing the loss of a father, due a car accident and a sister, due to cancer, made me realize that it is vital and valuable as an artist to build a genuine connection with the person I am sharing the space with. Difficult times in life teach us to appreciate people around us and live in the moment which opened my heart to trust life by receiving the lesson and learning from it. From all these resilient learning I noticed that as an artist I must use dance as an outlet to express my experiences in a creative, productive, and intentional manner. My personal final goal is to empower you with hope, love, and trust. 

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Curriculum Vitae (English)

Visit the following link to view Camille Knoepffler's Resume

Curriculum Vitae (Spanish)

Visit the following link to view Camille Knoepffler´s CV

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